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Population, Development and Environmental Security

Both authors agree on one significant fact: environmental security is a matter of human security. Human security is “relevant for national security, as without the security of individuals and the environment they live in, the state itself is insecure,” (207). … Continue reading

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Ecological Security and Gender

Our first class period focused greatly around the definition of security, and over the past few weeks the authors we’ve explored have offered their meaning of environmental security and the cause for its state, ranging from the lack of resources, … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece #2

Who are the major players in climate change? Which countries feel the worst pressure of rising temperatures and who should carry the burden of fixing the problem? These questions have proven to be almost impossible to answer, and the authors … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece 1

Reading about theory has never been an easy endeavor for me. Attempting to understand the author’s use of big words and convoluted ideas and then translating those ideas to real life scenarios is extremely challenging, and I found reading about … Continue reading

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