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Education and its impact on security

Sciubba et. al. and Upreti examine the socioeconomic and politics of the State and international institutions affecting the environment security. Sciubba et. al. address that demographic changes with different conditions of quality influence military, environmental, political, societal, and economic security … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Gender and Ecology

When I looked at the syllabus, this week’s topic, Ecological Security and Feminist Environmental Security, drew my attention. I wondered how these two could be absorbed into the environmental security field, particularly the relation between feminism and security. Pirages analyzes … Continue reading

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Think piece #2

After reading the assignments for this week, I could have a better interpretation of political ecology that consists of different dynamics and adaptation of climate change as a new topic for international peace building to resolve both violent and non-violent … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece 1

In our globalized and modern community, environmental security problem has become a rising issue. However, as we have not developed the environmental security field as much as we have done for other political security issues, multiples of possible theories exist today … Continue reading

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