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Cameroonian Sustainable Development

During my study abroad experience last Spring, I felt as though I had an unfortunate opportunity to glimpse the negative effects of unsustainable development in Cameroon. Many of Upreti’s points about unsustainable development echo the North/South (or West/East) inequality discourses … Continue reading

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History and Stories in Environmental Security

The Parenti readings for this week showed the importance of history and seemingly-unrelated topics in Environmental Security. In discussing global climate change effects in Africa, much of Part II goes into surprising detail about Kenyan colonial history.In these chapters, while … Continue reading

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Think 2

The chapters and segments for this week’s reading assignment almost all described preparatory and contingency plans regarding global climate change. The military, think tanks, corporations, and governments have been creating these plans for impending doom that have failed to set … Continue reading

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Think 1

The theorization of Environmental Security, from these chapters, may not be diverse in scope, but attracts contradictions of core ideas that frustrate a simple discourse. Rita Floyd’s four debates defining contemporary ESS allow for depth of engaging with the topic … Continue reading

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