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Environmental insecurity and the global poor

In order to create environmentally sustainable development practices, we need to ensure that different population trends and societal demographics are taken into account and that a global, interdisciplinary, cooperative approach is the basis for sustainable development goals to be met. … Continue reading

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Challenging and Reframing the Security Discourse

The central idea behind this week’s readings is the reframing of security discourse, including that of environmental security and ecological security. In Environmental Security, Pirages suggests that we must reframe the security paradigm in order to take into account environmental … Continue reading

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Think piece #2 – Ecology, Peace-building and Human Security

The readings for this week call for a cooperative and collaborative approach to ensure the human security of the world’s population and environmental security of the planet in the face of climate change. All of the authors in this week’s … Continue reading

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Think piece #1

Whilst reading this week’s material, I was struck by the lack of continuity between the various scholars. Although this is clearly not meant to be a textbook written by one or two authors, I struggled to find the common ground … Continue reading

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