A Preview of Things to Come

Hi All! Just a quick update to preview a few series I have in mind as I go forward in posting.

  1. The Outline of Metadata Record Once a month it is my intention to post a description and analysis of the metadata fields I am using while constructing my records. I hope to include challenges faced and perhaps ask for feedback and community help. I will also comment on resources used, vocabularies, and other guidelines. My hope is that this series becomes a useful resource to the archival metadata community as well as a place for me to collaborate with peers.
  2. Profiles of YWCA Women  As I have been going through the microfilm records I have encountered many inspiring women. I hope to share short profiles of some of these women as a way of sharing some of the rich history I discover. Context is important to archival description and I am happy to share a little bit of the context of my project here.
  3. Bibliographies The YWCA of the U.S.A. has from the beginning been an organization that encourages education and intellectual stimulation. Many of their pamphlets, reports, outlines, and other publications include bibliographies of resources for further reading. These bibliographies range from short lists to pages of resources and cover everything from pleasure reading to resources for challenging subjects with social and political implications. These bibliographies offer a little peek into the thinking of the times and demonstrate the YWCA’s commitment to information and education. I hope you find these as interesting as I do.

That’s all for now. Look out for these and more.