Forming new partnerships

As I begin the process of working on the metadata for serials I’d like to note a bit about the decision to describe them bibliographically. This decision was made to align the project with future unit practices and to pilot the workflows and implementation. Working with Lou Bouley in Discovery and Access, we will be developing the best ways to share the work of MARC description.

Each title is getting one title level MARC record that will contain a link to the digital object viewable in Compass (the newly developed 5C digital library). Working through Digital Strategies and Services we are working through the best way to view each title on Compass including how the tree structure of each title will be represented.

While collaboration is not new, documenting these new workflows is an important part of the grant and helps maintain the flow of information across units. As the project wraps up and the final decisions are made I’ll share those documentations and processes on this blog.

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