This project would never have been possible without the support of Phil Alexandre and Marie Evans at the Alexandre Gallery.  Not only did they support me in my internship at the gallery during the summer of 2018, but they also graciously allowed me to return the following winter to take images for this website. For more information about the gallery and the MacIver paintings shown here, visit

Bud Kerr, a long time friend and assistant of Loren MacIver, was kind enough to spend an afternoon with me, showing me around Greenwich Village and all of MacIver’s old apartments and haunts.  He was instrumental in helping me understand the real personality and wonder of Loren MacIver, and I will not soon forget our walk.

Professor Frazer Ward has been my advisor on this project, and has offered me advice and support throughout the past semester.

Professor Emma Silverman has also given me helpful advice throughout this project, and her American art history class provided a crucial, influential background for my work.

Betty Kramer, who coincidentally met Loren MacIver in the 1960s, supported me during my lovely summer in New York and has provided endless encouragement and inspiration.

I would also like to thank my father, Paul Crumbley, who introduced me to the wonder of Elizabeth Bishop at a young age, and has been thoroughly supportive and enthusiastic throughout this project.



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