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  1. Thank you Emma.!After looking at Betty’s LM cabbage drawing all these years, you have unlocked the world of her extraordinary life in a very clever way. This is an artful synthesis of images and words, history and analysis. It has wetted my appetite for more reading and looking.

  2. A wonderful look into the dynamic life and work of an incredible artist. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful presentation of Lauren MacIver.

  3. This is a very interesting and informative site. I really appreciated the overview and insight into the life of this important 20th century artist as well as the opportunity to see some of her work. I plan to revisit this tribute to MacIver and her art and to let others know what a meaningful experience this offers.

  4. So appreciate this scholarly over view of this important artist’s life. I, too, found a whimsy and hopeful spark in some of the city scapes she painted – when I first saw them displayed in NYC decades ago, and once, before Lauren passed, but when she was quite advanced in years, I had the pleasure of meeting her, sharing a glass of faux champagne and actually getting to traipse through the magical home and studio where she lived all those years, and you had the sensation of stepping back in time to a place (the West Village of NYC) where art and discovery and community was the fuel of a movement of expression and the freedom to create.

  5. Being quite old school, I never thought a website could be so inspiring or could offer such a sensitive journey into an artist’s life and work…. But your creation, Emma, seems to me just the vehicle for wandering through images, words, photographs, information in a way that allows me to interact with the life and creativity of this remarkable painter- who I was not at all familiar with. What a gift! I plan to share it and come back whenever I need another perspective on the world (so often!)

  6. I am enchanted by the site, and plan to spend much more time exploring. I hope the trove continues to grow. It is a beautiful mirror of a beautiful artist’s work. I love the notes for paintings, the insights they give to the artist’s process and to her mind are valuable.

    I think I may know how to fill in some blanks in the Sept. 4, ‘71 entry. I knew Loren and her hand, but also was renowned for my ability to decipher handwriting as a temporary secretary in the early days of word processing.

    My version:

    To discover, explore, invite, to be surprised suddenly by magic at your feet, in the sky. What luck! Old quilts on kitchen shelves, forget me root gas flames, smuggled earthenware, wine shadows that bloom like dark roses. “God lives amidst the pots and pans.” The palette: a bouquet on good days, arranging itself, reflecting skylights, gardens, mountain ranges of steep paint. A range of white, snow covered to black So far away in mines you can hear it singing! Votive lights red: banked like live coals, a tremendous comfort on wintry nights. They offer the same solace—very smoky, fragrant A host of memories.

    Thank you for this wonderful addition to scholarship on Loren MacIver. It’s a remarkably effective work of art itself. Intriguing. Worthy. Please add more. Well done!

  7. Emma, I am wholly impressed with your homage to Loren. You have presented Loren’s life as thoroughly, succinctly and essentially as she would have wanted. For someone who did not get the pleasure of meeting Loren in person, you have captured her essence wonderfully. I had the great fortune of knowing Loren. She would like you! Brava, Emma.

  8. What a wonderful website, and it so suits Loren, who must be somewhere in a dreamy space. I spend many days and evenings with Loren, on Perry street, and somehow, her surroundings were her work, or vice versa. There was no place like hers, where time stood still, and with so many memories. And till this day I find her work beautiful, mesmerizing and above all, funny! When I look at her croissant I have to smile, she was such a great artist and so modest, appreciating and more so, looking for the pleasure, the fun, in life.
    Not taking herself too seriously, she so deserves a place among all artists who did, over time!

  9. Loren was my dearest friend and mentor, like family. I’m sure Loren would be so pleased with the sensitivity, thought and beauty Emma has brought to her work via this site. Not just another artist’s website, she has sewn MacIver’s poetic visions and personality into this site that made me feel like she was on the room with me again. I hope this will enlighten and begin more attention to this brilliant and somewhat overlooked American artist. Much thanks to Emma and the support from Alexandre Gallery!

  10. This has been the most poetic marriage of artist and website that I have experienced. It astounds me that an electronic medium, which did not inhabit the artist’s life or work in any way, can so gratefully echo her painting, life and aesthetic. What a deeply intelligent and artful way to inform me about her and introduce me to her work.

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