Welcome to this companion website for our textbook, Sexual Harassment Law: History, Cases, and Practice (Carolina Academic Press, 2020) (see table of contents).

Here we offer the latest research and news on sexual harassment as well as relevant laws, policies, cases, and history.

Jennifer Ann Drobac, Carrie N. Baker, and Rigel C. Oliveri

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Early History and Development of U.S. Sexual Harassment Law
  • Chapter 2: Intersectionality
  • Chapter 3: Refining the Prima Facie Case
  • Chapter 4: Employer Liability for Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Chapter 5: Title VII Remedies, Attorneys’ Fees, and Costs
  • Chapter 6: Sexual Harassment at School
  • Chapter 7:  Title VIII Sexual Harassment in Housing
  • Chapter 8: Sexual Harassment in Prisons and the Military
  • Chapter 9: Continuing Controversies and New Developments
  • Chapter 10: The Future: #MeToo and Legal Reform