HIV and AIDS in Provincetown, 1998

Provincetown (or P-town) residents responded quickly and thoroughly to the devastation that HIV and AIDS brought to their community in the early 1980s. In 1996 Pamela Peterson AC 1984, M.S.W. 1994 and her coauthor Jeanne Braham recognized P-town’s uniqueness and came to the Cape Cod community to interview those infected by HIV and AIDS as well as their families, friends, and caretakers.

Elizabeth Moore Manwell, “Out of the Nest Means Mothers Too,” 1962

Elizabeth Moore Manwell, one of the first SSW graduates, wrote this essay for the Smith Alumnae Quarterly in 1962. She asked, “Society needs unselfish women leaders, now more than ever, for the great women pioneers have gone but injustice and misery have not. Who will take their places?”