Discussion held on racism report and recommendations

April 21, 1971

Discussion held on racism report and recommendations

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) held a meeting with people interested in discussing the procedures of the Committee of Six report on racism and the student response to the report and its recommendations. The main group of attendees were students who had been interviewed for the report, and their reactions varied widely. Many commented that they felt a look at the complexity of black/white relations was lacking. In an echo of this sentiment, an editorial in the Sophian the following day criticized that the Committee focused almost exclusively on racism as an institutional problem that could be addressed with institutional reforms in the houses. This author asserted that “racism, while it may be institutionally enforced, is basically an individual manifestation that must be dealt with on the personal level.” Although the students attendees at the SAC meeting had a wider range of perspectives on the usefulness of an institutional approach, they reached the consensus that the Committee recommendations were insufficient.

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