President Dunn addresses resignations in interview

February 15, 1988

President Dunn addresses resignations in interview

In an interview with the Sophian, President Dunn was asked about the College’s position on Johnnella Butler and Gregory Vaughn’s resignations. President Dunn said that when she talked to people about the resignations, she emphasized what Smith was already doing to address racism (i.e. the Equity Institute programming), the distress Smith felt at the loss of Butler and Vaughn, and the assurance that the resignations would motivate the campus to work even more on problems of racism. President Dunn also noted that she had tried not to start a public debate with Butler over the allegations of institutional racism despite the attention the issue had gotten from the media.

President Dunn’s interview can be found here (1, 3).

A Sophian article on the resignations can be found here.

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