More homophobic messages in Gardiner House

April 7, 2002

More homophobic messages in Gardiner House

Gardiner House held a house party on Saturday, April 6th, to which many queer students and queer allies showed up. House members had invited students via phone to come and show support for the first year who had received the homophobic message on her dry-erase board. However, additional homophobic, threatening messages were reported to Public Safety on April 7th. One message was found written on a stall in the second floor bathroom of Gardiner House. Another message was reported to Public Safety but erased before they arrived there. That message was found in the fourth floor bathroom of Gardiner, the same floor where the recipient of the April 5th note lived. Later that same Sunday, Gardiner held a house meeting to address and clarify what was going on and to discuss resources that could help the people involved.

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The Smith College timeline of these events can be found here (1, 2).

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