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Populations, Conflict, Security

Demographics impact overall security and political stability in each nation. Population is a primary factor for conflict. High population density, income inequality and poverty are the driving factors for conflict according to Hague and Ellingsen (Floyd and Matthew, 207). Changes … Continue reading

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Ecology + feminism = security

It has been thought that security exclusively focuses on protecting states and citizens from foreign military threats, however there are more challenges that humans face today. Not only are they military threats, but also there are ethnic conflicts, terror acts, … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece No. 2

Ecology, peace-building, and human security Parenti‚Äôs piece was by far the most engaging of the weekly readings. The format and way he wrote about history was appealing. Buxton and Hayes explore four arguments about why there has been no taken … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece No. 1

The assigned reading for this week delves into environmental security reasoning, approaches, theories and goals. Overall, the chapters provided insight into what is ahead. Each author had different ways of formulating thoughts and reasons. The addition of figures and incorporation … Continue reading

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