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Social Learning and Immigration Conflict

Population and National Security and Environmental Security and Sustainable Development both explore the impact humans have on the environment and human security. In their article, Sciubba et. al. state that increasing human population is the cause of civil conflict and … Continue reading

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Health Epidemics and The Environment

This week’s reading largely consists of reframing security to include ecological security and gendered language to truly maintain human security. In order for people to be secure people do not need to just be secured from external threats but also … Continue reading

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Ecology , Peace-building and Human Security

This week’s readings have made me question my original stance on framing environmental issues as security. It is clear to me that the security industry is not ready to change their approach to threats that are external, internal and sometimes … Continue reading

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Ch. 1-3 Resource Scarcity/Abundance “Think piece”

As a new area of study, environmental security has faced many challenges, especially because very little data has been collected on the topic.  Scholars have suggested that general security be reframed to include environmental security. However, framing environmental issues as … Continue reading

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