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The goal of Meridians is to make scholarship by and about women of color central to contemporary definitions of feminisms in the explorations of women’s economic conditions, cultures, and sexualities, as well as of the forms and meanings of resistance and activist strategies. The journal is a venture of Smith College and is published twice a year by Duke University Press.

Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism is an intersectional feminist journal based at Smith College. Our goal is to make scholarship by and about women of color central to US and global economic conditions; political practices; articulation of histories, geographies, cultures, and sexualities; and forms and meaning of resistance and activist strategies. Meridians is a peer-reviewed journal with the mission—still unique among scholarly journals—of publishing cutting edge scholarship and creative work at the intersection of race, gender, ethnicity and nation.

“Women of color have many histories, and those histories can be brought into full and useful relief by providing opportunities for those women to speak for themselves. However, this journal is not simply for women of color and their voices and perspectives. It is for anyone who takes seriously the scholarly and artistic questions that relate to these women. It is for all who would make them and their concerns breathe among the statistics.”

— Dr. Ruth J. Simmons

In the Trenches

“This 2018 report reviews the organizing model of the Pioneer Valley Workers Center (PVWC), an organization based in Western Massachusetts that builds the collective power of immigrants and workers. It illustrates how the PVWC practices participatory democracy and solidarity. The report also discusses the challenges facing its organizational structures and campaigns, including its Worker Committees, a decision-making body composed mainly of immigrant workers; Sanctuary in the Streets, a rapid response network against workplace abuse, the deportation apparatus, and hate crimes; and an ongoing campaign in solidarity with Lucio Peréz, an undocumented Guatemalan man who defied deportation and took sanctuary at a local congregation.”

—Diana Carolina and Sierra Becerra

Call for Papers & Creative Works

Meridians seeks to publish work that is grounded in the particularities of history, economics, geography, class, and culture; that informs the contradictions and politics of women’s lives; illuminates the forms and meanings of resistance, migration and exile and artistic expressions; that provokes the critical interrogation of the terms used to shape activist agendas, theoretical paradigms, and political coalitions; and that is substantive and readable, as well as relevant and useful to researchers, educators, students, and practitioners.

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Banner from forthcoming special issue “Indigenous Feminisms Across the World,” Vol. 23, No. 1. Cover art by Dana Barqawi, Woman Digging Thorns out of Field