feminism, race, transnationalism

On the Line

We are overjoyed to be celebrating the publication of Volume 21 of Meridians with Duke University Press, not only because it marks a new chapter in the publication life of the journal, but because it is also the opening of a new chapter in the journal’s digital life as well. Moving forward, we will now house multimedia works on our website as “On the Line” pieces. This endeavor is meant to highlight the different ways our readership encounters the pieces published in Meridians and function as a digital component of the journal.

From the Editor:

“We think women of color epistemologies are expressed through multiple genres. Meridians is unique in the sense that it offers a space for both evidence-based, research-based scholarship alongside creative and cultural work—everything from poetry to visual images, whether it’s photography, or paintings, or one-dimensional reproductions of three-dimensional works, to memoir and creative non-fiction kinds of work. We view each of these genres as equally valuable forms of knowledge. In any given issue, you’ll see a research-based piece followed by a poem that is speaking to similar or related concerns that the research piece is exploring in another way. So the philosophy then is really to showcase women of color knowledge production in all these genres and all these forms.”