Fall 2013

Fall 2013

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2013 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-In-Chief:

Pantelis Boukalas, Translated from the Greek by Richard Berengarten and Paschalis Nicolaou:

  • Marsyas, page 16.

Félix María Samaniego, Translated from the Spanish by G. J. Racz:

  • The Fables of Félix María Samaniego, page 20.

Anna Akhmatova, Translated from the Russian by Birgitta Hendron:

  • Requiem, page 32.

Marina Tsvetaeva, Translated from the Russian by Birgitta Hendron:

  • Poems to Block (1916-1920), page 48.

Erri De Luca, Translated from the Italian by Alfonso Procaccini:

  • Value, page 60.

Orhan Veli, Translated from the Turkish by George Messo:

  • Exodus, page 62.

Benny Andersen, Translated from the Danish by Michael Goodman:

  • Kierkegaard on his Bicycle, page 64.

Marie-Claire Bancquart, Translated from the French by Wendeline Hardenberg:

  • From Avec la mort, quartier d´orange entre les dents (2005), page72.
    • Odyssey, Final Canto
    • Forgettings
    • Old Man
    • Black-Eyed Susan
    • Hesitating, Wearing Out
    • The Impulse of Ours

Hilda Hilst, Translated from the Portuguese by Chloe Hill:

  • Page 82:
    • Premonition II
    • Premonition III
    • Premonition V
    • Premonition VI
    • Premonition IX
    • Premonition XI
    • Festival Ballad VI
    • Festival Ballad XIV
    • Festival Ballad XVI
    • Festival Ballad XIX

Claudia Roquette-Pinto, Translated from the Portuguese by Hilary B. Kaplan:

  • Mother’s Day, page 94.
  • How to Open a Man, page 94.

Adélia Prado, Translated from the Portuguese by Ellen Doré Watson:

  • The Battle, page 96.
  • God Does Not Reject the Work of His Hands, page 96.
  • Responsory, page 96.

Carmen Váscones, Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin:

  • Page 100:
    • A Gaze Abstracted and Defeated
    • I Cannot Quite Decipher
    • Lewd and Lovely
    • A Slash of Insurrection – Love
    • I Write of What is Woven in a Life

Ana Minga, Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin:

  • From the collection A Espaldas de Dios (Behind God’s Back):
    • VII, page 104.
    • XI, page 104.
    • XII, page 104.

Pierre Chappuis, Translated from the French by Tim Keane & Myriam Moraz:

  • Blank Pages, page 110.
  • What Room, page 110.

Archias of Byzantium, Translated from the Ancient Greek by Thomas R. Keith:

  • The Lament of Theris the Sailor, page 112.

Mikhail Y. Lermontov, Translated from the Russian by Teimuraz Chanturishvili:

  • Demon: An Oriental Tale, page 114.

Miklós Radnóti, Translated from the Hungarian by Atti Viragh:

  • I Hid You, page 120.
  • At Night, page 120.
  • Forced March, page 120.

Dato Barbakadze, Translated from the Georgian by Lyn Coffin with Nato Alhazishvili:

  • Poet, page 124.

Anonymous, Late 10th Century, Translated from the Old English by Andrew Eichel:

  • The Wanderer, page 128.

Lucas Mertehikian, Translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Croft:

  • Page 136:
    • My Grandmother Talks of the Tribulations of her
    • Father in Exile
    • It’s Been a While Since I’ve Seen Him
    • With His Second Wife
    • The Day of my Grandpa’s Funeral

Efraín Bartolomé, Translated from the Spanish by Kevin Brown:

  • From Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from Chiapas:
    • Don Tonito, page 148.

Pierre de Ronsard, Translated from the French by Eric Sellin:

  • A Sonnet for Helen, page 164.

Eric Sellin:

  • Review: The Translator as Critical Whistle-Blower, page 166.

Ib Michael, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Shadow Sharks, page 168.

Akínwùmí Ìsòlá, Translated from the Yorùbá by Pamela J. Olúbùnmi Smith:

  • The Loss of Innocence (Agbóyìnbó Kì í Kú Sílé, excerpt from the novel, Ogún Omodé, chapter thirteen), page 178.

Vu Trong Phung, Translated from the Vietnamese by Quan Manh Ha:

  • From Theory to Practice, page 183.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, Translated from the Vietnamese by Quan Manh Ha:

  • The Teeth of an Upper-class Family’s Dog, page 188.

Guillaume Apollinaire, Translated from the French by Edward J. Gallagher:

  • Saint Adorata, page 192.

Anatoliy Krym, Translated from the Russian by Anatole Bilenko:

  • Liovushka, page 195.

Slavko Zupcic, Translated from the Spanish by Jeremy Osner:

  • Tescucho, Italy (from the short story collection Médicos Taxistas), page 238.

Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Translated from the Germany by Ingrid Lansford:

  • The Return, page 243.

Yvonne Freccero:

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