The Power of Good Food

What’s a holiday without food? From Thanksgiving turkey to a Fourth of July cookout, certain dishes are symbolic of a national holiday.  Regardless of what you celebrate, food is an opportunity to socialize with friends and family, to communicate love and a thinking of you, and to remember those who came before, from eating traditional cultural dishes to the passing down of family recipes.

Eating food with friends is a shared experience of community, where a tasty meal can often be an excuse for stories, laughter, and a much-needed break from academics. Here at Smith, take dinner seriously: close your books, head to your favorite dining hall, and engage in conversation with those around you.

This serves to offer some stress relief as well as the opportunity to meet new people (and new food!). If you’re feeling particularly celebratory—perhaps you got an A on a difficult paper, or you’re finally done with a grueling week—take some friends out to a meal downtown, where culinary options are limitless.

While certain meals can signify celebration, they can also offer insight into someone’s family history and culture. What better way to learn more about someone than asking about their favorite foods, their family dishes, and secret recipes? Here’s an idea: host a potluck style dinner with some close friends and have each one bring a dish that represents their culture and heritage. Share why they picked that particular dish and what it means to them. It’s the perfect recipe for a fun night: good food, good conversation, and great company!

Although finals are in full swing, fear not. Food—something we often take for granted and don’t think twice about—is actually a great opportunity to slow down, practice self-care, and relax with friends. Bon appétit!

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