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The War in Afghanistan, 9-11, and our Interconnectedness

I thought it was a good idea to bring attention to the handling of the events in Afghanistan by the U.S. military last month through Generating Justice and Joy because it demonstrates the confusion, complexity, complicity, and connection that so … Continue reading

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a Tzadik

After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, 11-year-old Micah Blay made a pilgrimage to the U.S. Supreme Court and blew the shofar for the hundreds of people gathered there. In keeping with Jewish custom, they laid small stones on the steps … Continue reading

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Our Year on Climate Change: Overcoming the Stagnation of Fear

The climate crisis is a crisis for all of us. The massiveness of its scope can be frightening, even paralyzing.  The completeness of it – that is has touched, or will touch, us all – also presents an incredible opportunity. … Continue reading

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Statement on Sri Lanka from Religious and Spiritual Life

Dear Students, Once again we are writing our horror, grief, and outrage about yet another massacre at a place where people were practicing their faith, this time on Easter, the highest of Holy Days for Christians. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/04/21/outpouring-sorrow-after-more-200-killed-easter-sunday-bombings-sri-lanka While the Christian … Continue reading

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Combatants for Peace:
ex-combatants lay down arms to seek peace

Two representatives from the bi-national grassroots organization Combatants for Peace (CFP) joined Smithies for a Peace Meal earlier this week. One representative was Palestinian; the other, Israeli. CFP was formed in 2006 when combatants on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict … Continue reading

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Activism in religious spaces:
Smithies pushing for peace at the J Street Conference

A handful of Smithies traveled to our nation’s Capitol last weekend to join 1,200 students at the national J-Street conference, which coincided with the organization’s 10th anniversary. J-Street is a national political movement that advocates for a peaceful, two-state resolution to … Continue reading

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Women’s Activism on the Religious Right

Dr. Lihi Ben Shitrit, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the University of Georgia, presented a chapter summary and lecture drawn from her 2015 book “Righteous Transgressions: Women’s Activism on the Israeli and Palestinian Religious Right.” Dr. Shitrit travelled throughout … Continue reading

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Letter in support of Muslim Community

Dear Muslim Community, Interfaith Allies and Friends, As you may have heard from the Al Iman Cabinet, there is an abhorrent anti-Muslim theme which originated in the UK, and may be relevant in the US. We are sorry to bring … Continue reading

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“Viva Puerto Rico y Viva Mexico”

A few weeks ago, a student group organized a fundraiser for hurricane relief in response to the natural disasters affecting Puerto Rico and Mexico. With the support of the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, a range of delicious Latin … Continue reading

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Kicking off Family Weekend, the CRSL hosted a tea on Friday October 13th 2:30-4pm for contemplative practice, as well as to welcome questions from students and parents about CRSL. Director Matilda Cantwell opened the program by lighting three candles in … Continue reading

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