Letter in support of Muslim Community

Dear Muslim Community, Interfaith Allies and Friends,

As you may have heard from the Al Iman Cabinet, there is an abhorrent anti-Muslim theme which originated in the UK, and may be relevant in the US. We are sorry to bring this information to your attention, and we are now reaching out to members of the Muslim Community at Smith to show our support and illuminate the measures we are taking to promote physical and emotional safety of our campus members.

Campus Police is aware of this situation and has taken extra precautions such as patrolling various areas of campus including the basement of Wright Hall and the Helen Hills Hills Chapel. Please contact them if you have any needs or experience any degree of fear or suspicion. From any campus phone you can dial 800, or you can contact Susan Dawley, Officer In Charge/Lieutenant, at:

Smith College Campus Police Department
126 West Street, Northampton, MA  01063
(413) 585-2492

We do not know to what extent this is an online provocation or actual activity only taking place in the UK. That being said, we do want you to be aware that this potential threat exists and we are doing our utmost to make this a safe community.

In addition, we know that many of you may be familiar with this type of threatening propaganda or worse, and we extend our heartfelt solidarity with you. Please let us know if there are additional ways we can help increase your sense of security. The Chapel, OIDE, and the Mwangi Center are spaces where you should feel welcome and comfortable at any time. (If anyone wants to come eat at the Chapel today, we have lots of Veracruzana in our rear refrigerator in Room B8!)

With respect and solidarity,
Matilda Cantwell, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and College Chaplain
Kim Alston, Program Coordinator and Muslim Student Adviser
David Carreon Bradley, Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity


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