Open House Recording Now Available

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent Inventory and Record Merge Working groups open house held on 2/26/2021. We reviewed 4 workflows and gathered many more through the survey sent out before the open house. Here are links to the resources covered in the open house:

We will share the results of the survey, comments from the open house, and revised workflows based on open house discussions to help us determine the needed functionality in FOLIO with FIT. Our work focused on metadata and cataloging. All of the working groups are looking at their workflows in FOLIO. If you have questions about those workflows in other FOLIO areas such as users or acquisitions, contact your FIT liaison or the appropriate working group. Also, if you have more comments or ideas for workflows, use this Form to make sure we get your ideas and other workflows to FIT.

Again, thank you everyone for your hard work and great conversations.