Recording Available for the 5C Bib Merge Open House

The 5C Bib Merge Working Group Open House recording and chat script are now available. Below you will find those links along with links shared during the discussion.

We are asking for help with reviewing note fields. Some of the reports for the 5XX have to be downloaded. If you experience issues, contact the working group. Please note that it is not necessary to use a $5 for every single note field. This only pertains to a note MARC tag that allows a subfield 5 and where the information needs to be associated to a particular resource and institution. In contrast, we are asking that institutions set aside the use of local fields 9XX, X9X, XX9. The exceptions are 019 for the old OCLC number and 099 for local call number. For more guidance on these and other fields, see our Shared Bib guidelines. If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the working group via Slack or email.