この本が大すきです!!この本の中にかいでるえはとてもきれいでよむ時すごくたのしかったです!I really loved the layout as well, and I feel like with just a bit of cleanup, this could actually be a published picture-book.   私も今本をつくっていって、この本のlayoutをべんきょうしています。ストリはかわいいこども二人がさむい冬のあさに出掛けてぼうけんをするはなしです。It even tells a lesson of not giving up and the joys of a warm, loving home through its heartwarming ending. あまりむずかしくないですからよんでください!

木村家の毎日 「ただいま」


I would very much recommend this book to first year Japanese students, because it is an easy read and has a heartwarming, well-structured story about a family celebrating a very special day (you have to read the book to find out what that occasion is!) Also, the characters of the book are illustrated in an adorable style, which adds to the pleasure of reading this piece.



I love this book! This book is very interesting and contains many pictures. Traditional Japanese clothing has a long history. It is really beautiful. There are different kinds of traditional clothing, among which I like haori the best because it looks cool.

I would recommend this book to every Japanese student. This book is fun to read for there are many interesting and nice illustrations. Even though it might be challenging to students who just start to learn Japanese or students who do not know many kanji, this book is worth reading. Students can get to know Japanese culture.



This book is based on a 1906 novel by Itou Sachio. It seems to be quite famous; there are several film adaptations. I didn’t read this one for a while because I didn’t like the art, but I actually found it quite touching. It’s a sad story about two teenagers who fall in love but aren’t allowed to get married.  I would recommend it to any level 3 or 4 students.




I definitely recommend this book. It is filled with extremely interesting explanations of names of things in Japanese, and I think it is helpful to understand the origins of words in any language that you speak. I have always been interested in word origin and etymology and didn’t know anything about Japanese etymology, so it answers a lot of questions. The book is quite long, but it’s something you can come back to again and again and learn new things. Please read this book!




This book is a sushi recipe book and it introduces so many different types of sushi and the ways to make them. Making sushi could be creative. Although sushi seems to be easy to make, but it could take years or decades to master it. There are some new and specific sushi vocabularies in the book, but with the pictures the book is easy to understand.




This story is about the author’s grandfather’s life as an immigrant in America. The illustrations are quite beautiful and, although the story was short, it moved me. Overall, it’s about how immigrants have two places to call home, and how they are always missing a place.

I definitely recommend it!





Okay, so I know that the last book I reviewed was also a light-hearted children’s manga, but I still recommend this one too. Once again, the fact that it’s aimed at children means that it’s easy to follow even if you don’t understand every word. This has more of an ongoing story, but it’s still cute and not very serious, which is nice. Chi does have a tendency towards baby-talk, which can be a little confusing at times, but on the whole it’s still understandable and a fun read.



I was quite excited to find out that this manga is (probably loosely) based on the life of a real nineteenth century English explorer, Isabella Bird. It tells the story of her travels across Japan with her interpreter Itou. I think there is a strong theme of respecting cultural differences.

I understood most of the book thanks to the pictures, but the vocabulary is pretty tough and there were definitely some jokes that I didn’t understand. Even so, I think it would be a fun read for my fourth year classmates.



This is picture book version of the Studio Ghibli movie, “Whisper of the Heart.” It’s quite easy to read, especially if you’ve seen the movie before. It’s meant for a younger audience so not that much kanji is used, which actually makes it a bit difficult to read sometimes. The story focuses on middle schooler named Tsukishima Shizuka, who loves to read fantasy books. She notices that a boy named Amasawa Seiji has almost always checked out the books she reads before her and he wonders what kind of person he is. One day, she chases a cat she meets on the train and that is where the story begins. The story is quite nice and reminds me of the beauty of youth.