This book introduces history of sushi, history of sushi and simple ways to make sushi. とても面白いです!I learned how to eat sushi in a correct way. Although I eat a lot of sushi and love sushi, I didn’t know how to eat it appropriately until I read this book.

Vocabulary and sentence structures are a little difficult for Japanese beginners, because it contains a lot of kanji (while it is easy to understand for Chinese speakers). But I think 日本語一年生 can understand the content with these cute pictures.



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I really like this book and this is composed of two little stories. このほんはとてもおもしろくて、やさしです。 キツネは頭がいいが、ネズミはとても頭がよくなかったです。ネズミは肉をを持って、歌いました。だから、肉はありませんでした。キツネは盗みましたから.

I really recommend this book to the first year Japanese students. By telling the stories in familiar adjectives and past tense we have practiced in the class, I feel more confident when reading the Japanese books. Also, this folktale about the fox and crow could be very familiar to many of us that always has been told in our childhood. As a result, it is a lot more easier for us to understand the story. But I borrowed it from Umass library so you may check this book online.


このほんはおもしろいすが、ちょうどこわいですね。The story is about a girl who believed that she was still alive even though she already died in a car accident three days ago. Her soul took a taxi to go back to home.  The whole story centers around the conversation between the taxi driver and the girl’s mom. The taxi driver learned from the girl’s mom that the girl who took the taxi was not a real human. The tone of the story is warm, but the story itself can be scary to younger-age readers.

I recommend the book to students who have learned Japanese for at least one year. As a 日本語のいねんせい who have only taken Japanese for one semester, I had difficulties with vocabularies while reading the book. でも、I recommend students who are good at Kanji to try on this book, because there are many kanji in this book. Also, the pictures in the book are very helpful for readers to grab the gist of the story.




This book is a sushi recipe book and it introduces so many different types of sushi and the ways to make them. Making sushi could be creative. Although sushi seems to be easy to make, but it could take years or decades to master it. There are some new and specific sushi vocabularies in the book, but with the pictures the book is easy to understand.




This story is about the author’s grandfather’s life as an immigrant in America. The illustrations are quite beautiful and, although the story was short, it moved me. Overall, it’s about how immigrants have two places to call home, and how they are always missing a place.

I definitely recommend it!




This is picture book version of the Studio Ghibli movie, “Whisper of the Heart.” It’s quite easy to read, especially if you’ve seen the movie before. It’s meant for a younger audience so not that much kanji is used, which actually makes it a bit difficult to read sometimes. The story focuses on middle schooler named Tsukishima Shizuka, who loves to read fantasy books. She notices that a boy named Amasawa Seiji has almost always checked out the books she reads before her and he wonders what kind of person he is. One day, she chases a cat she meets on the train and that is where the story begins. The story is quite nice and reminds me of the beauty of youth.