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Issue One

Welcome, readers, to the inaugural issue of The Lab School: A Journal of Insight and Inquiry from the Campus School at Smith College.  It is with great excitement that we share six new stories of life and learning at SCCS.  Our first issue offers the tales of teachers, students, and alumni who speak to the enduring power of the Campus School community. Our hope is that this journal will provide a platform to highlight important work being done at Smith College’s lab school and serve as a forum to explore meaningful topics in teaching, learning, and in the broader field of education. We invite you to join us in reflection as we celebrate the voices that comprise this Lab School and look forward to the many stories to come.


Brittany Collins (CS alum ’08)
Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Professor of Education & Child Study
Sam Intrator, Professor of Education & Child Study

Co-founders of The Lab School journal

The Halls and Walls of SCCS: An Alumni Tour with Brittany Collins ’08 - A native of the Pioneer Valley, Brittany Collins graduated from the Campus School in 2008 before attending the Williston Northampton School and Smith College. She has published writing with English Journal and… ... Continue Reading
“Medieval Memories,” by Liz Scheer ’02 - Elizabeth Scheer graduated from the Campus School in 2002.  She is now a PhD student in English literature at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She received her BA from Haverford College and… ... Continue Reading
“What It Takes To Play,” by Maddy Stern ’08 - Now a senior at Harvard College, Maddy Stern studies American History and Literature.  She graduated from SCCS in 2008 before attending the Williston Northampton School.  Currently, she is writing a thesis on… ... Continue Reading
YA Read-alouds at SCCS - At the Campus School, lunchtime and literature go hand-in-hand.  Rather than amass in one cafeteria, students stay in their classrooms for read-alouds-- a tradition that spans generations at Gill Hall. The transition… ... Continue Reading
“Space to Grow”: Hannah Searles (SC ’18) on the Path to Student Teaching - Smith College senior and student teacher in Tiphareth Ananda’s fourth grade, Hannah Searles spent her fall semester in the classrooms of the Campus School.  In an interview excerpted below, she spoke of… ... Continue Reading
The Flow of “Big Ideas”: Third Grade River Inquiry at SCCS - “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” –E.B. White “That explains it!” one student exclaimed while looking under rocks on the banks of the Mill River.  It was a… ... Continue Reading