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Issue Five

Dear Readers,

We’re midway through the academic year at Campus School. From first graders walking single-file in their snow boots, to sixth graders peering towards spring in anticipation of Commencement, these ‘middle months’ are a time for focus, delight, and discovery.

In the pages that follow, we are excited to share six new stories about life and learning at Campus School, featuring a record number of guest authors– from Assistant Head of School Lulu Kellogg, to Smith student Libby Keller ’20, to alumnus Eli Kramer ’14. So, too, are we glad to share with you stories of collaboration between Campus School and Smith College, with in-depth profiles of Bona Kang’s Research Methods course; a look into Joe Bacal’s work with Scratch in technology class; and an observer’s perspective on sixth graders’ trip to MacLeish Field Station to learn from college students about the natural world.

We send you warmth for the remainder of this winter season. Happy reading!


Brittany Collins ’08
Sam Intrator, Professor of Education and Child Study
Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Professor of Education and Child Study

Co-founders of The Lab School journal

Alumnus Eli Kramer ’14 on His Time at Campus School: Open House Speech 2019 - Now a senior in high school, CS alum Eli Kramer '14 returned to campus for the Fall 2019 Open House to share his reflections with prospective families. His words appear below, verbatim.… ... Continue Reading
Outdoor Adventures at MacLeish Field Station: An Observer’s Perspective - Driving the winding roads to the Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station on a crisp winter morning, one passes babbling brooks; sugar houses; sprawling fields and pens of cattle. Pulling into the… ... Continue Reading
Research Methods in Education: A New Course Fosters Collaboration at Campus School - Walking through the wings of Campus School on a chilly November morning, one may not suspect that the children crawling crab-walk style through a corridor are actually honing their handwriting skills. But… ... Continue Reading
Programming through Play: Scratch Technology at Campus School - “It makes sense to draw parallels between how we understand literacy, how children develop literacy, how we teach literacy, and how we understand and develop this other sort of sub-literacy, computer science… ... Continue Reading
Libby Keller ’20 on Student Teaching at Campus School - In order to tell my story of student teaching at Campus School, I have to set the scene: my dorm room this year is unlike any other. I am often surprised to… ... Continue Reading
Learners on Both Sides of Elm Street: Campus School & Smith College Students Read, Write, and Wrestle with Big Questions - One of the many benefits of teaching in a lab school is the opportunity teachers have to be learners-- not only in informal ways within their classrooms, but also in more formal… ... Continue Reading