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Issue Three

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the third issue of The Lab School: A Journal of Insight and Inquiry from Campus School of Smith College. From our desk at Campus School, we have watched the semester unfold in bursts: third graders walked past in their raincoats, single-file, on their way to the Art Museum; sixth graders returned from Nature’s Classroom with smiles on their faces; the voices of new student teachers filled our halls. Afternoons were punctuated with children’s voices singing “This Little Light Of Mine” over music teacher Cindy Naughton’s piano-playing, and with giggles and whistle-blows spilling out from gym class.

Amid the sounds of the semester, we were reminded of the school traditions that 2016 alumna Saenger Breen highlighted in her autumn Open House speech, featured in this issue of the journal– those threads that tie current Campus Schoolers to classes past and future. From the “brain-attic” of our library, to the flora of our Botanic Gardens, this issue comprises five new stories about life and learning at Campus School. We invite you to explore them, and wish you a wonderful Winter Break ahead.


Brittany Collins ’08
Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Professor of Education & Child Study
Sam Intrator, Professor of Education & Child Study

Co-founders of The Lab School journal

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