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Issue Two

Hello, readers, and welcome to our second installment of the Lab School: A Journal of Insight & Inquiry from the Campus School at Smith College. As we reflect upon another school year, we find ourselves struck and humbled by the growth, insight, and authenticity to which we bear witness at the Campus School. Every year, from September to May, our students teach us. They teach us when they “take their writing to task” in the corner cubby of a classroom; when they “say yes” to a flag football game at recess; when they walk for equity and justice at the culmination of their Civil Rights unit. They teach us about persistence as they learn to tie their shoes, and about grace when– years later– they deliver carefully written graduation speeches at the podium of Helen Hills Hills Chapel. In this issue of our journal, we present six new articles that seek to capture and preserve these lessons, for although our students’ growth is rapid, their impact on our hearts and minds endures.

Happy reading!


Brittany Collins (CS alum ’08)
Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Professor of Education & Child Study
Sam Intrator, Professor of Education & Child Study

Co-founders of the Lab School journal

From the Campus School to College Lacrosse, 2012 Alums Remember their Roots - When Sophia Schaefer '12, Fiona Bundy ’12, and Madison Fulcher-Melendy ’12 (pictured above, left to right) met in the kindergarten wing of the Campus School, they had no idea that their friendship… ... Continue Reading
“Popping the Bubble,” A Reflective Essay by Ellie Wolfe ’13 - Ellie Wolfe is entering the 12th grade at the Williston Northampton School. She is the Editor of the school newspaper The Willistonian, is a staff member of the literary magazine Janus, and… ... Continue Reading
“Rooted in Care”: Campus School Second Graders Explore Civil Rights - “If the structure does not permit dialogue, the structure must be changed” –Paulo Freire In the classroom as in life, difficult conversations catalyze powerful learning. Second grade teachers at the Smith College… ... Continue Reading
Book Review: Rachel Simmons’ ‘Enough As She Is’ - In her new book Enough As She Is, Smith College Leadership Specialist and Campus School parent Rachel Simmons—a self-described “‘work in progress’ role model”—illuminates the dangers and pervasiveness of perfectionism in the… ... Continue Reading
Q&A with Head of School Chris Marblo - Head of the Campus School, Chris Marblo (pictured above, reading aloud to a captive kindergarten audience) sat down with Brittany Collins of the Lab School to speak about his journey to SCCS.… ... Continue Reading
On Leaving: Sixth Grade Graduation at SCCS - “A big family” and “a mug of hot chocolate” were two comparisons that sixth graders made when describing the Campus School in their graduation speeches this year. Situated in Helen Hills Hills… ... Continue Reading