Introducing the Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate Lounge


We are proud to announce the official “opening” or coming on-line of our Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate lounge. This room was re-purposed just prior to the pandemic from a reading room to a reading room plus, with the following vision, represented by these three concepts.

We ask that this room be free from social media use, and that technology use be limited. If you need to work on a computer we warmly welcome you to any other space in the building that is available.

Reflect. A meditation room, for anyone of any tradition. We welcome anyone to meditate on a cushion or sit quietly on a couch, journal, sketch, read poetry or a sacred text or any literature that is contemplative for you.

Resist: the lounge is a space open to and for all at most hours but is for what we deem is a sacred purpose and or overlaps with mission of the CRSL. This could be a student organization whose mission includes promoting justice and wellbeing. For example, a particular group of people who have been affected by a particular domestic or global event can come to speak and organize ways of responding. Work on conflict resolution or restorative justice, or deep community engagement and service disaster response or political organizing and movements such as anti-racism, or environmentalism, are appropriate uses. Cohort populations such as asylum-seeking students may use this space to organize confidentially. To reserve see form

Rejuvenate: We hope that all visits to CRSL programs bring some rejuvenation! But we think of the lounge as a waiting room 2.0. If you are waiting to speak with one of us or waiting for a meeting to start, this is a perfect place to hang out. With the meditation cushions and comfy couches, we invite you to think of it as a space for renewal, a sacred space that will help you relax and find your center, and leave you comforted and/or with new intention.

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