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Mezuzah: How a Jew Marks Liminal Space by Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer

The mezuzah is a very important and visible symbol of a Jewish building or room.  It establishes that a space is in some way tied to Jews–by use or ownership.  Mezuzah is a biblical Hebrew word for doorpost but usually … Continue reading

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Six Ways Faculty and Staff Can Support Students During Ramadan: A Letter from Students

Dear Smith College Faculty and Staff, Greetings from Al Iman, Smith College’s Muslim Student Association. We are excited to announce that the Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching us in the Spring 2024 semester. The official start date depends on … Continue reading

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Reflections on Peace

Peace Now: Not the Absence of Tension but the Presence of Justice; Not the Presence of War but the Absence of Weapons By Reverend Matilda Cantwell, CRSL Director and College Chaplain When I was seventeen, I had a purple T-shirt; … Continue reading

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Introducing the Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate Lounge

REFLECT RESIST REJUVENATE LOUNGE We are proud to announce the official “opening” or coming on-line of our Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate lounge. This room was re-purposed just prior to the pandemic from a reading room to a reading room plus, with … Continue reading

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What is Mindfulness Anyway?

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word these days, alongside concepts like “self-care.” So what is mindfulness anyways? Mindfulness is another way of talking about being present. To be present is to drop into current time and the … Continue reading

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