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Walking About Smith As Us:
Muslim Students’ Perspectives

First-year student Yacine Fall wrote the following paper for her English 118 course, “Youth Activism”; the assignment is to write a photojournalist essay on the life of a Smith student. She chose to look at what it is like to … Continue reading

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Updates from Al-Iman

Al-Iman has been off to a great year! The organization hosted an Eid Dinner on October 17th to celebrate the Eid Al-Adha holiday that occurred earlier in the fall. Wadea Sakhta was the guest speaker, and there was a great … Continue reading

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Welcome Across Faiths

What does it mean to really welcome somebody? Not just to say, “you are welcome here,” but to truly make a space feel welcoming and inviting to someone? We’ve chosen “welcome” as our theme at CRSL for the year, and … Continue reading

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My Islam:
An Exploration of Identity

“My Islam 2017: An Exploration of Identity” was an open mic event for Muslim students and students racialized as Muslim. The program served to highlight the diverse experiences of Muslims and center those whose voices that are usually left unheard, … Continue reading

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Mourning, Intersectionality, and Hope
Part I: #OurThreeBrothers

At the end of February, three young immigrant men, two of whom were Muslim, were tragically killed in Fort Wayne, Indiana under unknown circumstances. They were murdered “execution style” in an abandoned building that was “under surveillance” by police for … Continue reading

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Interfaith Awareness Week: What Do We Serve?

We are what we pay attention to. Sadly, most of the time we are not attending to the world or ourselves. Psychologists estimate we have sixty thousand to seventy thousand thoughts a day, 99 percent of which are more or … Continue reading

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Student Response to Anti-Muslim Incident

On Friday, October 19th, EKTA, the South Asian organization, celebrated their annual Mehndi Night, a night of celebrating South Asian cultures through food, dance, music, performances, trivia, presentations, and of course, Mehndi. This event is a cultural celebration, not a … Continue reading

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